Alex Perry Fashion Designer

alex-perry-bw-600x600Who is ALEX PERRY?

Alex Perry is an Australian fashion designer and a television presenter.  Alex Perry designs and works for his own fashion label, named after himself. He is known for designing womenswear, Perrys designs have been worn by many celebrities and famous people. 

Alex Perry was born by the name Alexandros Pertsinidis and grew up as a migrant, His family was working class in Sydney. Perry grew up in Sydney with two brothers to Greek parents who ran hamburger shops in Sydney. His father was a Greek immigrant and his mother was born in Australia of Greek immigrant parents he also had an older brother named Lee, He anglicised his name to Alex Perry from Alexandros Pertsinidis.

Alex Perry married a  Greek-born wife Mary, a former model for more than 20 years and she has been credited as the designer’s muse.


How PERRY  became a Fashion designer 

Alex Perry had an aptitude for drawing and a love of glamour  which led him to study fashion design at East Sydney Fashion Design Studio, He graduated in 1984 ,After he graduated, Perry  got employed as a model agent by Dally Watkins ,he worked in  the modelling industry working as an agent representing Australian models for international modelling agencies.

EVENTSFirst Designs and accomplishments 

Alex Perry’s first debut was in 1992 at Atelier Kensington Sydney, he relocated his salon to Double Bay, Sydney. Alex Perry became a well-known designer at Australian fashion week, Alex Perry annually since 1997, got placed in the Australian fashion designer week, which was a great accomplishment many designers only get to go once.

Alex Perry launched his first collection in 2004 which was a massive hit he became specialized in women’s designer dresses. His collection contained spectacular ballroom gowns and jaw-dropping red carpet dresses. Throughout his more than 20-year career, Alex Perry has consistently appeared on the cover and within the pages of the Vogue magazine. Alex Perry had a love for fashion designing, because of this he was a true inspiration to others and to himself to keep on achieving great things and getting inspired more to create new designs.

It’s not just his designs that have made Alex Perry such a beloved Australian figure. As a judge and mentor on Australia’s Next Top Model and Project Runway Australia, his charisma and charm have won audience all the time, and he is the only judge to have appeared on all eight consecutive seasons of Australia’s Next Top Model, of which the live finale of the 2010 show was the highest-rated episode on subscription television. Alex Perry ’s label and brand are continually growing, having expanded to 30 new countries including United Arab Emirates, Brazil, France, Monaco, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey and The United States of America.

Perry’s hand selects  ‘Perry Girls,’ who he believes have the confidence and beauty that encapsulate his label’s spirit. Girls include Elle Macpherson, Miranda Kerr, and Delta Goodrem.

Alex Perry has designed many mesmerizing dresses which as a designer has never strayed from his roots, some of his designs include fairytale gowns for fairytale moments. His strikingly cut, ornate designs are worn by the likes of Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, and Giuliana Rancic this awards season Alex Perry always stays on trend whilst staying true to the classic heritage of the label.

Alex Perry is now based in  Sydney some main places his clothes are sold are David Jones and Myer although in 2007 Alex perry left David Jones saying that Myer has a more market and that David Jones didn’t want his designs anymore, later he joined with David Jones again. Alex Perry has many stores online too he is also based in Ozsale and Iconic. 

Alex Perrys designs are mainly aimed towards teenage girls and women who are in their 20s to 40s he creates designed dresses so that they would look unique to the person wearing it and they look wonderful on young people which is why young females love it. Alex Perry has always been influential to young women as Perry always stays on trend and also creates new trends, also he keeps the clothes in the season, making young women want to buy his products to get in style with his branded and widely known popular dresses.

Alex Perrys clothing varies form different prices but normally it is very expensive many celebrities and wealthy people wear Alex perry since it is a very good brand to buy and great quality it is very expensive. His dresses vary around the price range thousand to two thousand dollars which are very expensive but still a very good product to buy.

Alex Perry does many different types of designs on his dresses they are very unique and are always in style.  Alex Perry produces an assortment of items, from a variety of glasses to eveningwear and ballgowns, his style is focused on being glamorous and a standout. Perry comes up with his designs by doing some sketches and does some rough working.  After he has done some rough working he takes off and adds stuff onto the design making it better. He fixes it up and adds and takes away straps or sashes or other things. He always does the same process for the same dresses and designs. it can help him create things and give him other ideas.

Alex Perry uses a wide range of materials but he usually uses more natural materials/ fabrics for his products, most commonly using silk, wool, and cotton.

Alex Perry gets a lot of his inspiration from old films, with Alex working with new and creative fabrics, he always comes up with new designs or recreates a design from an old one to create a new design. Most of Alex Perry’s fashion is formed from what is in fashion now, what people are interested in wearing and buying at this point in time. He has also been inspired by magazines, and other designers work. Overall his inspiration is to bring out the beauty within, what the fashion is today and what his target markets taste in fashion is.

TWO designs of Alex Perrys dresses

The Courtney Satin Crepe long sleeve gown – Powder blue

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 9.34.47 pm


Briony dress – black

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 9.36.19 pm

TWO designs